Little Clones

Hi, everyone, it's T. K reminded me that she doesn't need to be the only one posting on the family blog & that I actually have publishing permissions, too! And as it turns out, I did have something to share: my kids are growing up to be just like me!!

It started with H (naturally); very early on she showed an interest in the cars that she saw daddy playing with, learned that cars go "vroooom", & loved watching daddy race them on his Xbox. Then she started to like the shiny gadgets that mommy & daddy used, & noticed that they all had an Apple on them. Every time she sees the Apple TV, iPhones, iPads, or our Macs, she excitedly points & shouts "Apple! Apple!" And then, sometime around a week ago, she decided mommy's iMac needed fixing (since apparently daddy wasn't getting it done fast enough!):

So now when mommy & daddy are working in the office, H will come in & work too!

And then there's baby B. I think this picture sums it up nicely:


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