B's baptsim!

While we were planning a trip to the Midwest, we thought it would be best to schedule B's baptism.  For those of you who don't know, we made a plan to have all our children baptized at Notre Dame.  It obviously is a special place for us, but for our kids it means more than that.  It was a huge influence on my personal spirituality, and is the reason we have our life & our little ones.  In this military life we've chosen, we know our children will not really have a home parish.  I mean, they're about as close as siblings come in age and H would've been baptized in San Antonio, B here in Las Vegas.  We think that it's nice to begin their faith journeys from the same ground.  That through all the moves and different milestones in different homes, they share a starting point.

So on Saturday the 15th, we headed out to the Log Chapel to welcome B as a child of Christ.  His Godparents are T's brother & sister so now to him they are more than just Uncle Doodoo & Aunt Kaka ;).

 He didn't mind this part so much :)

 Fr. Kerry

 The family & the new Godparents (H's Godparents, Kay & Alex, were not able to make it)

 Happy Grandparents!

After the baptism, we went to 5pm Mass at the Basilica and dinner at Legends (campus restaurant).  After dinner, my parents drove back to Ohio and we went back to our hotel to spend some quality time with T's family and some friends who joined us from Chicago.  There was wine, great food & even better company.

Great Grandma & Grandpa!

And then on Sunday we returned home to a baptism party in B's honor with our Ohio family and friends.  It was so great of my parents to do that.  We got an opportunity to see almost everyone in town that we care about which is so difficult when you're only in town for a week, maybe two, each year. 


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