Picnic in the Park

There's an outdoor mall down south of the strip that has a story time on Wednesdays.  I happened across this when T & I were on a dinner and movie date night over TG when my parents were in town.  They're taking a break for winter and coming back in the spring, but I had one week left.  So last Wednesday I took the kids down to Town Square.  B fell asleep, briefly but necessarily, thank goodness. 

H was tickled pink!  We had a picnic lunch.  I packed PB & Js and bananas.  We had a blanket and her first picnic.  She got one of her favorite lunches and she wasn't confined to the table.  I think it blew her little mind.  The storytime itself I think is better for older kids, but she enjoyed it.  She pointed out every bird in the park, and even interacted with Santa if I went with her.  She did fall asleep on the way home, but it was well worth it.  We'll be returning this spring for sure.

 She's really into "say cheese" for the camera right now

 Hugging the creepy santa they had visit

Enjoying the candy cane she got for listening to the story on the walk back to the car


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