It's christmas time in the city!

I've mentioned this before, but the warm weather makes it hard for me to realize it's winter and Christmas is just around the corner!  We've been trying to get into it as a family.  Hopefully soon we'll check out some of the evening light displays, but we've started with putting our tree up, listening to carols, and visiting a mall Santa.

 Big Helper

 Look at my beautiful handywork

This part of the tree was what H was responsible for.  We kept asking her "where should this one go?"  To which she responded, "Tee!"  When we finally got her to choose specific spots on the tree, she had limited range :).

First pic with Santa.  She told him she loves her "beebee" (baby doll) & "mouse" (minnie mouse).

Here's to hoping we'll be sharing many more holiday adventures soon!


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