We're baaaaaack

If I were a good blogger, I would have warned everyone that we were going "on vacation" for a week.  I put that in quotes because a real vacation would've been warm weather, probably a beach/pool & 7 days to relax.  What we did was take two kids under two on an airplane and fly back to spend some Holiday fun with family and have B baptized. 

We've been back for 5 days but everyone but T (thank God) came back with some horrible illness.  Not quite Outbreak level, now that I'm looking through hindsight, but even if you asked me yesterday I would have told you it felt like we all were dying. 

But that means I have plenty to talk about - the flights, the trip, the baptism, even our plague if topics get really dire - so the posts should keep rolling out soon!  Thanks for stopping by. 


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