It was the best of flights, it was the worst of flights

As I mentioned the other day, we took a little trip.  Fun fact about traveling with "infant in arms" as a special request - you can't have two in the same row.  Not even across the aisle because of the oxygen mask situation.  So the best you can hope for is to sit front to back. 

On the way to Detroit?  Our flight was not full.  I had an entire row just me & a kiddo.  T had the middle seat open between him & the stranger.  So between the 4 of us, we had 5 seats.  And boy did we use them!  H got a great nap because she sprawled out next to me.  I got to use my iPad.  Juice and toys could be set down to access other things.  Everyone was healthy, excited for the trip and comfortable.  It was glorious.  And the flight attendants were awesome.  They gave us extra cookies.  They went to first class to get milk.  H was still sleeping when we were about to land and she was supposed to make me pick her up and hold her securely.  I asked her if she could let me know the last possible moment and then she said with a smile, "You're her mom, you're not going to just let her go flying off the seat, you can leave her there".  

Back home? Not so much.  Completely full flight.  Like asking for volunteers to take a later one full.  The kids and I were miserably sick.  They did manage to change our seats so we were together, but we were on the aisle.  Which given Delta's new beverage cart design, sucks when you have babies.  You know how on most flights, the flight attendants have an ice bucket on their cart?  Yeah, well Delta decided to attach them to the side of their carts.  So it invades over your arm rest and actually into your seat on the aisle.  We were delayed over an hour (most of which was waiting on the plane) and I finally got H to sleep - she could not get comfortable trying to sleep on my lap - and then I had to move her for the beverage service or she'd get knocked in the head.  Plus the flight attendants were rude.  It doesn't help that flying west is always longer than flying east AND we were battling 200 MPH headwinds.  We were stuck on that plane for about 6 hours with sick kids who couldn't sleep.  The guy next to me was nice about H taking up so much space.  I think he could tell it was a rough day for all of us.

I'm glad we made it home.  After the first Wednesday I was all "hell yeah, sign us up for this again, air travel for everyone!"  After last Wednesday, "Oh my God I'm never flying with the children again unless we can afford to buy ALL THE SEATS".

How were your holiday travels?


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