Merry Christmas!

I couldn't write our Christmas post yesterday, as we weren't finished with it yet!

This year was a little odd being the first one we were not with one of our families on actual Christmas.  It was nice being home and getting to relax, but it didn't quite feel like Christmas.  We went to 4pm Mass on Christmas Eve, had dinner & opened family gifts.  B still has two under the tree that he didn't get around to opening.  Mostly because he couldn't care less at this age and I was tired of saying "no H, that's B's go play with your new toys".

I hope we're not sick again next year when the kids are more into it and I can make it really fun and memorable.  But this year I was not up to the task.  After they went to bed and I prepped the food, I got some juice, a blanket, and NyQuill.  This is the cold that never quits.  

Christmas morning we got up and had a Pinterest inspired breakfast!  We had a crockpot casserole, cinnamon roll waffles & strawberry banana "candy canes".

We opened our stockings & Santa gifts.  We got to FaceTime with my parent's & T's family which was really nice.  It's no substitute for being with everyone, but it sure makes this whole moving all about the country thing easier.  I know my family would come to us for Christmas every year if we asked them to.  Now we just have to work on T's side. . .  :)

Here are a few more pictures for your enjoyment and I really hope you all had happy & blessed holidays!


  1. Ugh, they are so cute! What a princess and little prince :) I love how you're making traditions for them.


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