Baby B is starting to laugh!!!  It's the cutest little sound in the world!  I love baby laughter.  Even when it's not your baby, or even if you don't want any kids of your own, how can you not smile when you hear tiny person giggles?

It's addictive and I love it.  It's crazy to think about how two kids, from the same parents, a year apart are so completely different.  H never laughed.  Ever.  Not until she was a toddler and daddy would toss her around or tickle her.  She's got a great little cackle now, but as a baby it was nothing.  When B started laughing and he's not even 4 months old, it was such a great surprise!  Of course after googling "how early one can diagnose and treat autism" when H was an infant, now I find myself googling "can my baby be too happy?"  Parents never stop worrying.  


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