30 Days of thankful!

There's a thing going on the internet - it has reached facebook so I'm sure most of you are familiar.  It's an attempt to say each day of this month, one thing you are thankful for.  I want to try to do this for my own personal growth.  But also, it might get me in a habit of actually updating this blog, like I vow to do every time I post.  And fail miserably.  

Since today is Nov 2, it marks H as 17 months old.  So I think it would only be appropriate to use today to be thankful for her.  She is the most wonderful and trying little person in the world.  I love and hate her a million times a day.  Don't judge, she's a toddler.  If you have or have had toddlers and you've never wanted to pull your hair out while thinking I hate this little beast-child, I don't think we should be friends. 

I told this to a friend of mine (who doesn't have kids) a few weeks ago, and it's one of my favorite feelings -- I'm seriously proud of her every day.  Every single day she does something to make me overjoyed to be her mom.  It could be using her spoon and getting just one bite of yogurt actually in her mouth all by herself.  But she did it, and I shower her with "yay"s & claps & hugs & kisses. 

She's crazy smart, and I was pretty sure that she'd outsmart me by 2nd grade.  But as she grows I'm not sure I'll make it through pre-school.  She consistently recognizes 6 letters of the alphabet.  She used the potty yesterday.  I feel like Jodi Foster in "Little Man Tate" (raising a genius son, anyone?). Did I just horribly date myself?  Anyway. . . 

She's fabulous and I love her.  I'm thankful we got knocked up a month earlier than planned.  It made Rae's wedding/bachelorette party significantly less of a crazy vegas shitshow, but if life had gone according to "plan" there would be no Pants.  And that's not a life I want to be a part of.  


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