You know the worst thing that you'll ever say or wish on your children is that one day they have kids just like them.  Most of the time, of course, that's a positive statement.  But the only time you really wish it or say it out loud is when they're being awful or doing something you really rather they'd not do.  You raise them and wait and one day get the satisfaction to say "HA! Now you know . . . "

That happened to me.  As a kid, I had a dump truck that I loved.  It was cheap plastic and blue with a white dump bed.  There was a spot of dirt right off the patio in the back yard of our house.  I loved to dig in it, fill my truck and dump it back in the hole.  It was the only spot in the grass that wouldn't grow.  Every spring my dad put down seed and tried to make that patch grassy like the rest of the yard.  He could never figure out why.  Was it the angle of the patio roof?  Did it just not get enough sun & water?

Nope, it's because it was my dumping ground.  I didn't know what grass seed meant.  I didn't know you had to stay off it.  My parents just let me go out in our backyard to play.  And that's where I played.  It wasn't until I was an adult and we were talking about the old house that we even put together what had happened.  It was a pretty funny moment.  And now. . .

My kid is doing the same thing.  She didn't cause the dirt spot - we have Piper to thank for that - but she sure does enjoy playing in it.  At least I know if we're trying to re-grow grass there, I need to watch her ;)


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