Day 3

Today, I'm thankful for Manti Te'o & this Notre Dame football season.  Pretty much, we owe our entire life and family to ND.  If they hadn't accepted both of us, we'd never meet and we wouldn't be us.

It's hard to disconnect the overall Notre Dame spirit from football.  It's a major part of the tradition, and it plays a huge part in the campus mood for the fall.  I lived there through great football triumphs and disappointing losses.  There's a different energy and life when the team is doing well.  People come together.  People laugh more.  Weekends are full of more socialization and more smiling faces.  I think that the sense of ease and relaxed atmosphere during a winning season is something those young adults deserve before they have to leave and the real world kicks in.

And as alums, we often lose that sense of comfort and home that campus fills in our hearts after being so far physically removed.  Having all week in anticipation of another game that will be exciting to watch, brings us back to that family.  Gives us a connection from our scattered post-grad lives.

I know it sounds super sappy, and in general I'm not one of those "long for the good ol' days" people.  I very much enjoyed my time there, but was ready to move on.  It's not that I'm stuck in the past, but there is something inexplicable about the love you have for this institution after earning your degree.  And it's something with which many can empathize, but my fellow alums are probably the only people not rolling their eyes at me waxing nostalgic.

However you feel, it gave me life long friends, it lead me to my family and my place in this world.  And great football only makes that better!


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