November 27

I know we passed Thanksgiving, but it's still the month of November and I haven't yet gotten around to being thankful for my parents! They gave me life.  They raised me right (I guess this is debatable, but I like to think so).

They've always been a good and strong example of the kind of couple I want to a part of.  They do a lot together, but they also have their own interests.  They disagree at times, but they always solve the big stuff and get past the small stuff.

They're loving and supportive.  When circumstances found themselves with a chunk of cash I said, "great now you can get a new car, replace the roof on the house" etc. Their response was "no, now you can go to college wherever you want and not worry about scholarships".  Now that I'm a parent, I 100% agree with that decision and would do the same.  But 17 year old me was jaw-droppingly grateful.  So they sent me to Notre Dame which set me on my path.  I have my family.  I found a passion.  I have my year in Chicago working tiny theatre shows and living with McDavey.  I live far away and they have to deal with semi annual visits and facetime, but they never make me feel badly about my choice.

And they're awesome grandparents!  They do their best to stick to my rules, but definitely have a large amount of grandparent spoiling (as is their right, of course).  They come visit us when they can and even when it's hard but necessary - like my appendicitis last month. 

 We had a blast seeing them for the holiday and look forward to seeing them again in a few weeks when we get B baptized.


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