Happy Thanksgiving!

The posting has been lacking because of the holiday busyness.  My parents came out to spend Thanksgiving with us so we've been both having family time and utilizing the free babysitters ;). 

Mom & Dad made it out last Wednesday afternoon.  Wednesday and Thursday were spent prepping for and enjoying Thanksgiving celebrations.  In addition to Ming ming & Papa we also had friends of ours over with their son.  There was good food, good booze & games.  Holly & I each drank I think about a gallon of this apple cider sangria we found on pinterest.  It was tasty and had fruit in it, so healthy right?  Totally.  We had turkey, green beans, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, rolls, 2 pies & a pumpkin roll.  It was a gloriously large amount of food. 

Hoping everyone else had a fabulous holiday as well!  We love you! xoxox


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