November 4

Today I'm struggling with how I want to word what I'm thankful for.  Trying to express my feelings is escaping me, which is frustrating, but I'm determined not to give up.

Making friends as an adult is hard.  Hell, doing it in Jr. High when my family moved was no picnic.  College would've been terrifying if Kat hadn't lived in my room (the smallest in the whole dorm) the year before and come to introduce herself.  I still don't know where I got the confidence to introduce myself to Shannon, but I'm glad I did.  

I know it's odd to think of a military spouse being shy and not good at the whole meeting new people thing.  But I'm in this life because it makes my husband happy, and all I can do is try to make the best of it.  The truth of it is, I'm terrified people won't like me/us.

When T commissioned we weren't married.  So his first couple assignments didn't really affect me more than what airport I flew into when I went to visit him.  When we did get married, we were stationed a maximum  of 2.5 hours from most of my family and friends.  I didn't need to put myself out there.

San Antonio was a big change in our life - we were all alone and having a baby.  But thanks to Beth, the commander's wife, and Lisa, another spouse who organized monthly get-togethers, I had an easy way to meet people.  I got to get to know some great families, and a lot of them have made the move to Vegas along side us.  Moving after less than a year was not as scary.  We've only been here a few months and yet I have people to have playdates with.  I have girlfriends to have a night out with.  I have workout buddies whenever I decide to not be a lazy cow :). 

I'm thankful for Beth & Lisa.  I'm thankful that we were selected for this program at the time we were so our paths could cross with all the wonderful people we've met so far, and for the friendships that are forming here. 


  1. And I'm super thankful to have you as a friend because you are amazing, super fun and I <3 you and your wonderful family.


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