November 13

Today I'm thankful for good genes.  T is a genius.  Literally - he was given I.Q. tests to initially earn his UPT spot & again when they were deciding whether or not he'd be returning to flying status.  He could join MENSA if he wanted to.  Although you'd never know it when talking to him.  That's not meant to be insulting, it's just that often times folks who are that naturally intelligent are incidentally arrogant or not the best in social situations.

The point is, as much as I'd like to think that I'm SuperMom and all of H's smarts come from something I did, the smarter she gets the more I realize my nurture seems to have very little to do with it.  All I try to do now is continue to foster her curiosity and making learning fun by playing games.  But she knows damn near all the alphabet and a few numbers.  Did I mention she's not even 18 months old?  It makes going out interesting because now when she sees a sign with letters she knows she just shouts them out repeatedly until you acknowledge that yes we drove by a Kohl's and she did indeed see a K.  We went to Old Navy yesterday and their address was 1895.  Walking in she points saying "fiiiiiiii", "one" & "niiiinnnn".

Here's a video of us playing a game of what's this.  It wasn't perfect.  T was supposed to be stealthy, but the iPhone makes a ding when you start recording so she got a little camera shy.  At least this time she didn't run over and try to take it though.  Progress.


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