November 16

Today I'm thankful for a sense of humor.  You have to have one when you have kids.  It's going to get gross and you can freak out about it or just laugh.  And I'm happy that I can just smile and say "yup, this is my life."

B & I are both working on our third outfit of the day.  He spit up all over both of us this morning & all over himself this afternoon.  H asked for more milk, then tripped me before I had the lid tightened on her cup so I got milk all over me & and the kitchen.  Most recently was just now.  B had a massive poopy diaper.  But it was all contained, so I thought "lucky me".  Nope.

First, he pees all over himself and the new diaper.  Then as I'm wiping up there's no warning and he shits INTO my hand while getting his foot in it.  I get that cleaned up and lean over him to get another clean diaper from the bin - pees again all over my stomach and pants.  He spit up on my jeans yesterday.  So 2 of my 3 pair are currently in the washer.  The other is now hanging in the laundry room covered in pee.

T came home at the end of all this.  Wife with no pants. Toddler bribed into being good with iPad.  Baby only in a diaper.  A mound of dirty clothes at the base of the stairs to go up to the laundry.  Welcome home, honey.  This is your life. 


  1. I'm crying. This is the best thing I've read all day. More specifically the last paragraph. LOVE it


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