November 28

Yesterday I was thankful for my parents.  Today I want to appreciate my in-laws.  I've heard generic horror stories.  I have two good friends who have the unfortunate situation of the bad mother-in-law.  One is straight crazy and the other is a manipulative witch.  I admire them quite a bit because that's love.  I don't know if I could live in their situation no matter how much I love T.  Fortunately for me, he has a very loveable family.

My friend Jenn was thankful for hers the other day on facebook and I'd like to steal her words because they are exactly how I feel:
Today I'm thankful to have in-laws that I not only enjoy spending time with, but consider true family. I can go to them with the good, the bad, and the ugly and know they'll help me through with a laugh and some good advice.
They are people that I would actually choose to hang out with even if it weren't mandatory ;).  And they are also wonderful grandparents!  They read and play and spoil with the best of 'em.  Their family situation and jobs make it harder for them to visit, but they do whenever they can.  And also when necessary - remember that appendicitis I mentioned yesterday?  Guess who took over for a week after my mom left -- Mom part 2.

And they love me.  At least they're good at faking it anyway, haha.  Even with less than ideal first impressions.  Seriously, when you're friends with the guy for a year before it turns to dating the first meetings happen when it doesn't matter.  And then he gets to say remember my crazy friend, K?  She's my girlfriend now.  Early impressions include scuzzy stalker, a hot mess & drunk dialing.  Stories can be shared in the future if anyone is interested.

But for now I just want to say I'm pretty lucky.  I got to marry my best friend which is enough for me, but as a bonus I got a kick-ass second set of parents and even siblings!  Plus a whole crew of extended family. All in all, it's not too bad being a Clark.

(at an ND game before they knew they'd be stuck with me for life ;))


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