November 19

Today I'm thankful for the word 'yes'.  H has been saying it for a few weeks now.  Although she has trouble starting with y so it sounds more like shhyes.  She's getting better though.  It makes life easier because her vocabulary is very limited.  So at least now I can ask her questions to find out what it is she wants or she's trying to say.  I'd like to say it limits the fit-throwing, but no.  The tantrums are no longer out of frustration that she can't tell me what she wants, however.  They are now because she wants something, I asked her "did you say X?", she says yes, but she still can't have it. 

The flip side of the coin is that it comes with the word 'no'.  Why is it that children like to say no to everything?  Is it because that's what the mischevious little bugs hear all the time?  Is it from some base human instinct to take control and that's the only way they can?  She just seems to get so much joy from it, I often wonder about these things.  We've been trying not to laugh at her, though, as not to encourage it.  But 99% of the time it's not bratty.  She's not pouting or stomping or screaming it.  She just says it very matter-of-factly.  It's very, "I hear you suggesting I should take a nap, but I'd rather not, thanks".  


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